Hey I’m lewis, I’m a photographer based in Manchester, wanting to kick start my photography career.
I’m a portrait and documentary photographer with a great eye at capturing candid narratives.

I have worked full time as a photographer's assistant with a photographer and creative team on a major fashion brand. I have experience with studio photography, setting up lighting and sets as well as working on location shoots. I’m comfortable working with a range of people, as well as solo to get a task done.

Recently, I’ve had my photography exhibited in NowThen Magazine, West Art Collectives culture exhibition, Psyche, Short Supply’s graduate exhibition and my graphic design degree show at the Holden gallery.
I want to break through and become a solo practising photographer through working with different people, creatives and brands.

You can contact me through,
Email: lchetcuti99@gmail.com
Mobile: 07958233509